My community involvement has allowed me to work with leaders across North Vancouver.


Susie Chant, MLA

“Linda is an incredibly responsive school trustee. Her communication skills and ability to effectively manage her role in working with students and with my office has created a positive impact in our collective work to support and improve education in SD44”

— Susie Chant, MLA
North Vancouver Seymour

Mike Little, DNV Mayor

Linda Munro gets it done.  I had the pleasure of working with Linda on the North Vancouver District Public Library Board and as our Vice Chair Linda devoted countless hours to improving the customer experience and led our organization through a complicated wholesale rewrite of our corporate policies. Linda prioritized relationship building and gained the trust of staff, patrons and all of our partners.

As a communications professional for Capilano University, Linda is able to help the School District bridge the gap to post-secondary education in our community.

COVID-19 forced the School District to entirely reimagine education delivery in our community. Linda joined the school board in the middle of the pandemic and the middle of an election term and she hit the ground running. We need an impact player like Linda with years of experience as a PAC Chair, Lynn Valley PPP Society President, Public Library Vice Chair, and parent of two school-age children on the school board.

As Mayor, I know I can always count on Linda to give great advice and step up to be a leader when the community needs it.  She has always been a tireless advocate for barrier free access to high quality public services for everyone, especially our kids.

— Mike Little, Mayor, District of North Vancouver

MaryAnn Hartley, SHLF

School District 44 needs Linda’s vision, passion and commitment, a young woman of the highest integrity who truly recognizes the unique needs of every student in the district. I have known Linda for over 25 years and am in awe of her energy, resourcefulness, her “can do” attitude and wide ranging community service. Linda has been a vital contributor to the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation, which supports marginalized youth in reaching their true potential through sport and education. I cannot think of a better candidate to serve the needs of all North Vancouver students.

— MaryAnn Hartley, Co-founder, Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation

Jim Hanson, DNV Councillor

I served with Linda on the Library Board and was pleased to see her step forward and run for School Board in the 2021 by-election. I believe she has more to contribute to the community and I support her re-election in 2022.

— Jim Hanson, Councillor, District of North Vancouver

Jacqueline van Dyk, NVDPL

During her time with the North Vancouver District Public Library Board, Linda Munro was an active and involved trustee. She served as Vice Chair of the Board, chaired the Advocacy Committee, and continually represented the Library in the community at various events, celebrations and fundraisers. She also established a program for connecting with key community partners to share ideas and bring attention to important library issues and events.”

— Jacqueline van Dyk, Director of Library Services, North Vancouver District Public Library

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