Linda Munro

for School Trustee
North Vancouver School District

✧ Inclusion ✧ Planning for the future ✧ Community ✧

Why schools matter

School as a community hub

Offering 21st-century education

Building in Social-Emotional Learning

Support for complex learners

Inclusive learning environments

Linda Munro For NVSD School Board Trustee logo

Linda Munro gets it done. As Mayor, I know I can always count on Linda to give great advice and step up to be a leader when the community needs it. She has always been a tireless advocate for barrier free access to high quality public services for everyone, especially our kids.

Mike Little, Mayor, District of North Vancouver

Why choose me

I am a connector and a community builder, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue bringing these qualities to work for North Vancouver School District.

I see schools as community hubs that anchor families and connect them to their community. They are where many children first learn to be a good friend, a volunteer, a lifelong learner and a global citizen. 

Authorized by Scott Munro, financial agent, 604-910-2318